Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I just turned in the "final" final draft of "Aftermath." Whether it is actually the final draft, the shooting script, I don't know but I am getting a check and, I guess, my job is over. "Aftermath" is now in the hands of the spirits ---well, actually, the producer.

The first draft was about 65 pages long, over the years it got up to 85 pages or so and it ultimately got up to 104 earlier this year before finally settling at a very respectable 82 pages.

I have been watching a lot of 70-75-80-85 minute long films recently ("Wendy & Lucy", "Bubble", Paranoid Park" and so on -- even the 65 minute "Dance Party USA") and I am aghast at the amount of filler masquerading as "story" --- long, long takes of grass blowing in the wind or someone staring into space, zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I am so happy that this 82 page version of "Aftermath" doesn't have a drop of filler --- let's hope that the director is simpatico.

Earlier this summer I wrote two 70 minute screenplays, "Used To Love Her" (yes, based on the Guns N' Roses song and a true story) and "Bait And Tackle" --- also lean, mean and filler-free. "Used To Love Her" is tentatively scheduled to start shooting on 8/1 in New Orleans --- the same day that a short film that I wrote, "Audition", is set to shoot in NYC.